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Any farm is under constant attack from corrosion. Enhanced by corrosive fertilizers, only seasonal use of machinery and the daily hammering any gear gets in rainy and dusty conditions.

Farm bikes, helicopters, 4WD’s, and WIFI scales. Daily equipment. Daily joy. Daily problems.

You try to marry the above with mud, dirt, dust and salt water and you are looking for trouble!

Time is of the essence in any agricultural business. Harvesting 16 year old pines or milking on a daily basis, the last thing you need is disruption. Workers standing around, machinery out of action and the clock is ticking merciless, eating into the profit by the minute.

CorrosionX will help you to store away machinery for months and still start it up again like it was parked up yesterday. Electrics will be working, electronics power up. Linkages, bolts and pins will move as they are supposed to. Even your electronic scale and headphones in the tractor will be better off with CorrosionX!

Forgot to spray the machine before parking it up? CorrosionX will get that rusted bolt to move, get the seized injector to come out of the alloy engine block and help you cut a new thread if it all turned to custard. When the farm bike doesn’t want to start in the morning and the lights on the trailer look like the kindis disco, that’s when you get your CorrosionX trouble shooter can out of the ute!

The US Navy designed it, the dredgers use it in Opua, 500 ton mobile cranes working in sulpheric liquefaction in Christchurch protect themselves with it. You buy it direct from us or at commercial outlets, not the toy shops!

Call us and tell us about your corrosion problem. We will be there for you with practical advice. We'll give your trouble a good, hard thought and come back with a suggestion to solve it, once and for all!!

CorrosionX products are:

- Non flammable even on the hottest cylinder head !
- Non toxic!
- Safe to 36.000 Volt, even on your electric fence unit
- Don’t effect rubber, plastic or neoprene at all, go straight over the whole machine
- Gets your electrics and electronics to work again, incl. antennas, scales and GPS connections.
- Drives out moisture and keeps it out !
- Does not dry off like some other products

It doesn’t really matter if you run a John Deere 800 Series tractor or a 800 dollar post borer off a
Fergue 28. They will all suffer from corrosion in NZ. But only if you let them!
Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

Call +64 (0)9 438 8800 during office hours

Call Tom on +64 (0)21 469 972 outside office hours and for urgent jobs

Products for Agriculture:

Typical areas of application:

Top protection for:

- Mothball machines off season
- Unseize parts, bolts and levers
- Waterproof com radios, communications gear and radios 
- Protect from grass and maize sap corrosion
- Lubricate hinges, levers, pedals, chutes and motors
- Coat machines, tools and installations against corrosion
- Protect sheds and metal buildings from corrosion

and many more ...

- Protect spare parts in storage long term incl.electronics
- Battery terminals
- Valves and gears
- High temp. motors and gears
- Sensors, limiter switches, solenoids
- High speed cutting gear