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No place like the Pacific Islands. Dream holiday location, great business opportunities. Stunning landscapes and lots of big smiles.
But also the reality of heat, humidity, hurricanes and a vast ocean around you. Heavy machinery rusts in no time. Vehicles live a tough life. Electrics and electronics quickly become unreliable or stop working.
Heat or salt cause corrosion. Combine both factors and they spell pure disaster for all metals, electrical connections, cooling fins, fridges, bridges, digger chassis and sawmills.
Dive shops and fishermen know the hazzle of running compressors, outboards and boat electrics!
Money is tight these days, things have to last longer, prices are sharply calculated.
CorrosionX can help ! Not just for weeks, but for years! Stop corrosion now! Extend service cycles on a fridge behind your supermarket. Get the moisture out of your boat electrics, make the springs on your truck and your Penn fishing reels last so much longer !
Act fast after floods and hurricanes! Spray CorrosionX over still wet or rusty machinery. Rescue your sunken vehicle, the fuse box and electrics in your house, your aircon, the tractor and even electronics. For the price of a “Tusker” or “Fiji Bitter”, you spray a genset! Don’t worry, CorrosionX is non-toxic, environmental friendly, food safe, non-flammable and safe to 36.000 Volt! It will NOT damage plastic, fishing lines, nets, neoprene or rubber. It crawls all by itself where you can’t spray or have forgotten a spot! It goes 6 times further than the DIY cans you have been used to. And there is 94% product in the can! Not just 7% as in many others.
You wait…..you pay! Rust doesn’t “wait small” and it’s really expensive!

CorrosionX is mil.speced by US and NATO forces, approved by Boeing, Airbus, Eurocopter etc
CorrosionX penetrates, lubricates and protects against all further corrosion
CorrosionX will not dry and crawl to even the most inaccessible places within days
CorrosionX will not harm rubber or neoprene, no fear for seals, bearings and plastics
CorrosionX will drive out all moisture trapped and bond itself to the metal
CorrosionX is safe to 38.000 Volt and works wonders on all electrics and electronics
CorrosionX is non flammable (only aerosols are pressurized with LPG)
CorrosionX is non toxic and works for a long through polar bonding

The Heavy Duty version is for leaf springs on launching trailers and off road vehicles. Goes on locking pins and bolts, hinges on containers, crane axles, blocks and shackles.
MaxWax is a semi hard drying, vapour carried corrosion inhibitor. Protects extremely exposed areas like wheel houses, gear boxes, but also seals bolts which eventually have to come back out for service.

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. We are ex commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. We spent years in the islands ourselves and cleaned up after more than one hurricane ourselves.

Shipping and payment
Combine the delivery in your regular supplies or let us arrange a quote. All credit cards accepted, but
cheaper with bank transfer.

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