Seized reels, rusty bikes and grumpy outboards on the other side will cause long faces.

A little preparation goes a long way and will save money !  Simply go around with a can of CorrosionX every 6 months. And go sparingly! Fully efficient at 1 micron thikness ! (Paint on your car is 25 micron !)

Doorlocks, hinges, fishing reels, winches, satellite antenna plugs, tractors, mowers, chains, electronics, electrics, and ranch sliders.

Yes, one single product can water proof your electronics in the cow shed, keep the rust off your tools and the electrolysis out of your alloy tinny.

Done in a few minutes, lasting pleasure for the whole summer at very little cost!

Fishermen may they be recreational as those of “Big Angry Fish” or professional “Sanford Fishing” use CorrosionX.

Hunters can rely on the fact that CorrosionX is under current Military specification and fully aviation approved where just the best will do the job under extreme exposure. Our own Navy, The Coastguard and the RAAF use CorrosionX as much as our power companies, ports and waste water works.

Motorcaravanners are house proud people with lots of equipment to make life better, easier and more comfortable. Look after all of those with just a small amount of CorrosionX. A little maintenance goes a long way, for many months. And it’s NZ MPI approved to the same classification as Lanolin ! No mess, no oily puddles, no bad conscience, but the solid knowledge of having done the right thing to mother nature in Aotearoa !  

CorrosionX is a very long lasting corrosion inhibitor, a super fast penetrant and an outstanding lubricantCorrosionX is non flammable, safe to 39.000 volt, safe over all plastics , nsulation, rubber and neoprene !

And you can apply it over wet or already rusty surfaces still achieving the same  success ! To prove it, the Dulux lab test from Auckland is on our website for everyone to see !

Find your local dealer on or call Corrosion Control NZ Ltd. in Whangarei on 09 4388800

Make more of your summer with gear working all the time! CorrosionX