CC Corrosion Control GmbH is ready to deliver.

Based in Neumuenster, half an hours drive north of Hamburg you find the new European hub for CorrosionX products. Sharing warehouse and other operational facilities with company “Becker “ at Rungestrasse 2, the newly founded “CC Corrosion Control GmbH” is already well stocked.

Behind the company stands experienced management, well anchored in engineering, distribution and export. Cross owner ship with Corrosion Control NZ Ltd. gives the new European hub instant access to years of experience in the aviation, marine, military, mining and engineering sector.

Solid contractual backing from the CorrosionX manufacturers in Texas will see this company distribute into the Scandinavian countries, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal with immediate effect.
The approach to the market is purely solutions driven. Rather than selling what is on the shelf, CC Corrosion Control is concentrating on clients who are looking to solve a problem or optimize total operational cost in their field of business.
A common data base shared between Europe, The US and the Pacific distributors is further reinforced by friendly connections to Middle and South America plus the Middle East.

Add partnerships with i.e. “Peter Wrede Yachtlackierung” or "Applied Industrial Technology" (SKF) and the client can be sure to have literally a “world of knowledge” at his disposal when fighting corrosion and looking for outstanding lubricants. Proven products distributed by experienced engineers and senior sales managers.
The opening of CC Corrosion Control GmbH as the main European hub for CorrosionX means that international manufacturers and service companies will have guaranteed access to CorrosionX products wherever they happen to need them. In time, on time, and according to the specification.

However, nothing is ever so good that it cannot be made better ! If you like to join the team of CorrosionX distributors, please contact for more information.