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Construction today is faster, more stressful and financially harder controlled than ever before. High penalties on failure to complete in time. Contractors liable for quality. Accountants worried about rising costs. Engineers trying to keep it all together.

And they are all standing in the yard of the operations manager pushing for their goals. He who rules over all the machines which really make it happen can well do with a helping hand. That’s where CorrosionX comes in.

Get bolts, hinges, wires and pulleys coated with CorrosionX Heavy Duty. It will make them move smoothly and keep them from getting stuck again. Hydraulic swages and connectors stop rusting and the rubber or neoprene around it is not effected by CorrosionX.

Give your drivers a can of CorrosionX to keep on the truck or digger and be sure that they can improve electrical connections, make their com-radios work again and get the water out of that flooded alternator without any effort. Including the Iphone they left in the overall when it went for a wash Friday evening.

Keep the rust off digger tracks and wharf steps with MaxWax, a semi hard coating which doesn’t make your boots slippery, doesn’t stick to your clothes and is just a brilliant coating for chain and tool boxes. The vapours keep the rust off the gear. No slippery, oily mess to deal with, no old lanoline to be battled with hot water blasters for days and then block the drain of the yard. But what it does instead is to completely protect your gear and tools from rust and corrosion.

The down side with CorrosionX? Simple - your boss will nick the last can Friday afternoon and use it on his Penn reels, the Surtees alloy boat and the outboard giving him grief last weekend! But send us a text or an email any time and we will deal with it on the spot, not after you reminded some office beauty for the third time on Monday morning!

How would you like a product which crawls by itself to where you want it ? (No need to be rude!)

CorrosionX does just that ! Originally made and widely used by the US Navy. Full MIL specs.
CorrosionX penetrates, lubricates and protects against all further corrosion without a mess
CorrosionX will not dry and crawl to even the most inaccessible places within days
CorrosionX will not harm rubber or neoprene, no fear for seals, bearings and plastic
CorrosionX will drive out all moisture trapped and bond itself to the metal
CorrosionX HD on hydro hose swages will replace and outperform messy, time consuming windings and grease
CorrosionX is safe to 36.000 Volt and works wonders on all electrics and electronics
CorrosionX is non flammable (only aerosols are pressurized with LPG)
CorrosionX is non toxic and works for a long time by polar bonding

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

Call +64 (0)9 438 8800 during office hours

Call Tom on +64 (0)21 469 972 outside office hours and for urgent jobs

Carterpillar part no. and specification


1E4971 Short Term Indoor Storage
1E4970 Medium Term Indoor Storage
1E4968 Non-Ferrous Metals
1E4967D Outdoor storage and shipping (short-term – 30 days)

CorrosionX HeavyDuty

1E4970 Medium Term Indoor Storage
1E4973 Long Term Indoor Storage
1E4968 Non-Ferrous Metals
1E4967D Outdoor storage and shipping (long-term up to 1 year)
Max Wax

1E4973 Long Term Indoor Storage
1E4967C Outdoor storage and shipping (medium-term – 90 days)

Rust Reconverter LT

1E1267 CPC Organic Protective

Products for the Constructin Industry

Typical areas:

Top Products for:

- Lubricate all moving crane parts
- Rustproof steel cables, chains and shackles
- Waterproof com radios and any other electronics
- Waterproof vehicle electrics, limiter switches, solenoids 
- Lubricate scaffolding parts, adjusters, hinges, swivels
- Rustprotect machinery incl. Gensets and pumps

and many more ...

- Lubrication and unseizing of lock pins and bolts
- Unseize and maintain locks and padlocks
- Rustproof hollows, voids and vehicle chassis
- Maintain battery terminals and ignition systems
- Maintenance of hand and electrical tools