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Tom Mueller
Tom Mueller
Director - Sales and Commercial


Lilly Vedana
Lilly Vedana
Director - Administration, Finances,
Warehousing and Shipping

About us

Corrosion Control New Zealand Ltd.

Corrosion Control NZ Ltd is the exclusive importer for all CorrosionX products into NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We have a strong affiliation especially to Corrossion Control Europe GmbH, Corrosion Technologies as the manufacturer and SealX New Zealand.

All products are of the highest quality, constantly improved to be the best in the market and packed in New Zealand to customer demand.

To guarantee 100% delivery security and late cut off times every working day we keep solid stock levels of a wide range of products at the main warehouse in Whangarei. All stockists and applicators hold stock in key locations.

Instant response to customer inquiries of all sizes is guaranteed through experienced and dedicated staff in some 100 locations in the Pacific alone.

Corrosion Control NZ Ltd. supplies a full range of also aviation approved and military certified products from penetrants, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors to cleaners and unique products around the concrete and bitumen industry.

Major client groups include aviation, marine, automotive, waste water works, agriculture, electrical companies, port authorities, airports and large industrial installations. But also the RC and RV enthusiasts, recreational sailors, hunters and fishermen are frequent users of CorrosionX products.

Retail and industrial clients alike are only looked after by quality outlets.

Our goal is to prevent and actively fight corrosion. No matter how big or small the task at hand . Working in the international network of the CorrosionX family gives us instant access to records and data gathered from successful solutions around the world.

We are proud to assist in the design and total supply chain of our new or proven products and their applications.

Contact us any time and enjoy real customer service with a passion to detail.