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Guns, Fishing and Hobbies

Guns - Care Free Maintenance.
There are three areas when it comes to the maintenance of the metal parts of your guns. The first is the deposits from gun powder, copper and lead. The second is the corrosion that start to develop if the gun is wet or in humid environment. The third is lubrication of the gun for better velocity and jam free operation.

CorrosionX is a product that will take care of all three areas without compromise. CorrosionX cuts through the deposits and when it reach the metal it will lift the lead, copper and powder residue out of the pores for easy removal with a patch. The secret to this is that CorrosionX bonds with the metal and will penetrate to all areas of the gun.

Stop Rust on Fishing Gear
Just fishing on the weekend or being seriously committed, your fishing gear will be attacked by corrosion either you use it or not. And it might be packed away even for a long time?
With CorrosionX you get an ACTIVE corrosion fighter. Outlasting anything you tried before. For lubrication it out performs even the best PTFE grease. And then doesn't go sticky!

CorrosionX - Protect Electronic Components
"I repaired a servo, a complete restoration of an electrical circuit board in the servo using CorrosionX, Brilliant, saved $40 for a new one.

Also used Corrosion X to remove the rust on the bearings in the gooseneck and Jib attachment. It removed and freed both good as new. What a Brilliant product!"
Veteran Hobbiest Colin Vauvert

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

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Products for the guns, fishing and hobbies

Typical areas of guns, fishing and hobbies:

Top Products for:

- Unseize fishing reels and winches
- Lubricate sail boat winches
- Waterproof any remote control components
- Waterproof deck switches and connectors
- Waterproof electronics and com radios
- Mothball anchor chains
- Mothball tools and parts
- Unseize rigging bolts and turnbuckles

and many more ...

- Winterize outboards and inbord engines
- Expell moisture from starter motors and gensets
- Waterprood electrical installation
- Waterproof iginition switches 
- Lubricate teleflex/morse cables
- Lubricate/rustproof leaf springs and torques
- Lubricate trailer winches