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Corrosion and electrical failures due to salt and moisture have got to be the most annoying and costly problem on ships and boats. Unless treated, it will be never ending. While salt water is unfriendly to steel, it is deadly to electrics, electronics and ship owner’s budgets. Rust in hulls, bridge decks, chain drives, on-board cranes, hatches and rarely used equipment like life boats and anchor equipment is a costly and nerve wrecking business. And where there is no access, there is no maintenance. Bad contacts in switches, comm radios, solenoids and network connected instruments can be time consuming to find. But left to rot, it will cost!

“Mr. Murphy” likes to strike at 2 am in the morning in hell rain close to freezing temperatures and approaching a narrow channel with the pilot being late. Doesn’t he? Save nerves, maintenance hours and the hassle around spare part procurement by keeping ahead of the corrosion problem. Preventative maintenance saves money, down time and even lives! CorrosionX will reach and protect frames and bolts no one has seen since the ship was built! Spray cavities, pipes and hatches in advance and rest needle gun, rust hammer and arc welder! CorrosionX is quiet, non-flammable, non-toxic and not harmful!

CorrosionX was designed for and with the US Navy. That’s why it has US and NATO Mil specs.

It was meant from the very start to withstand the extreme conditions on Navy ships and support vessels. CorrosionX Heavy Duty is wash resistant on deck gear. MaxWax cured after 2 hours, is semi hard, stable to 200 degrees, bonds to metal, doesn’t go slippery when you walk on it and it doesn’t stick to your clothing, tools or fishing gear.

While some other products are good for either electrics OR over rubber/neoprene OR on hot engine heads, CorrosionX can be used safely in ALL applications. It drives out moisture and won’t let it back in. It lubricates and penetrates so even the most stubborn container door will open again.

As it’s non flammable, you can use it safely in even the hottest engine room.

It won’t affect rubber hoses or neoprene seals.

CorrosionX will help you solve the problem of the moment. But even better, if you maintain your gear no matter how large or small with CorrosionX or MaxWax, you will find the problem of corrosion never arises again. So get it coated before it’s corroded!!

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

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Products for the Marine

Typical areas of application:

The big boys use it on:

- Shackles, Chains, Swivels and Drives
- In the work shop to cut threads
- To un-seize the most stubborn fittings
- Frost proof locks and hinges
- Protect radios and antennas (safe to 36.000 V)
- Life Boat fittings and cables
- Lubricate and un-seize sheaves permanently
- Un-seize Container door hinges
- Protect fridges, freezers and Air-conditioners, Gensets and switchboards
- Hatch runners and tracks Solenoids and sensors

Small craft use the products on:

- Boat trailers, leaf springs and hinges
- Outboards and steering equipment
- VHF’s and antennas
- Fishing reels and dredges Rigging and sheaves
- Watermakers and gensets
- Fridges and freezers
- Exposed electronics Air-conditioner
- Engine feet
- Block and tackles Seized SS bolts in alloy plates