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A mine is the harshest environment man and machine will ever face. Abrasion, heat, chemicals, salt and the request for total reliability make for tough work. Things don’t last as long as they should. Product prices are down and cost is rising. “The greens” want improvement and less environmental impact. OSH wants safety and the shareholders want better returns.

We can’t solve that problem all together. But we can take millions out of your material bills. We can make your mine both more environmental friendly, safer and more reliable.

A bold statement that is, but it’s true!

What if we can increase the life span of your CAT diggers, Volvo loaders and trucks by only 10%? What if we can make your Toyota Land Cruisers live another 6 months?

And what if we can make the crews spend only 10% less time and nervs on frozen bolts, pins and shackles? And what if we can resurrect ventilation systems, air cons and heaters as much as com radios, electronics and electrics. Ports of Auckland, North Power, Smith Cranes, Waihi, Total Marine Engineering and Coastguard are doing it already! To mention only a few.

We are ready to sit down with you and listen to your ideas and requests. We are ready to do our home work and come back to you with solutions. We are ready to look at ways making your machines last longer, make life for the crews safer and more productive. Nothing is so good that it can’t be improved they say in Sweden!

So let’s measure, improve, adapt again and constantly look for better solutions. That’s how we can help to save millions of your dollars otherwise spent on new machines, non productive labour hours, unreliable equipment and down-time for whole work sections all because of simple rust!

At Corrosion Control NZ we don’t really employ sales people. Our team consists of experienced engineers, work shop managers and logistics specialists who have been to more than one rodeo.

They know their products, are passionate about their jobs and will be there for you, even after hours!

CorrosionX penetrates, lubricates and protects against all further corrosion
CorrosionX will not dry and crawl to even the most inaccessible places within days
CorrosionX works just as well when sprayed on wet machinery, electrics and electronics
CorrosionX will not harm rubber or neoprene, no fear for seals, bearings and plastics
CorrosionX will drive out all moisture trapped and bond itself to the metal
CorrosionX is safe to 36.000 Volt and works wonders on all electrics and electronics
CorrosionX is non flammable (only aerosols are pressurized with LPG)
CorrosionX is non toxic and works for a long through polar bonding
CorrosionX is food safe and environmentally friendly (Paraffin based)
CorrosionX is Mil speced by US and NATO forces, approved by Boeing, Airbus, Eurocopter and many more.

The Heavy Duty version is for parts often awash like leaf springs, under carriages, high load axles, bolts, hinges, threads and swivel feet.

MaxWax is a semi hard drying, vapour carried corrosion inhibitor. Protects tools, chains, extremely exposed areas like wheel houses, gear boxes, but also seals bolts which eventually have to come back out for service.

Rust Remover is environmental friendly, water based and non-toxic. No fumes, no hazard, no risks.

Rust Converter is a primer like rust re converter which does not need painting. Goes over remaining rust. It can be painted with two pot, one pot, or any other paint. Extremely durable.

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

Call +64 (0)9 438 8800 during office hours

Call Tom on +64 (0)21 469 972 outside office hours and for urgent jobs

Products for the Minings

Typical areas of application:

Top Products for:

- Fuse boxes
- Switch boxes
- Airconditioning units
- Heaters, Heat pumps
- Ventilation installations
- Transformer Boxes and switches
- Ground bolts, Longwalls
- Longwall installation
- Fogging of fuel tanks in unused vehicles incl. CAT'S 
- Mothballing electronics and electrics 

and many more ...

- Lubrication of joints, linkages, steering gear 
- Unseize "frozen" bolts, hinges, fittings
- Long term protection of spare parts in storage
- Long term protection of parts shipped
- Make surfaces "unstick" to concrete, iron-ore and coal
- Maintain and unseize locks, pad locks and ignotion switches
- Waterproof com radios and telephones
- Mothball engines, machines and sheds