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Motorhomes and Caravans - Stop rust NOW!

Are you worried about rust in your vehicle? Are you reluctant to take off those door panels, switches, insulation and inner linings to get to the difficult spots? Has your last rust killer ruined your electronics and destroyed the rubber seals?

Let’s face it. There are more delivery vans than motorhomes. And thank the big fella for that! But many of the chassis we call our home were born as a delivery van. Meant to die in 4 years time with 500.000 km on the odo.

But along came the coach builders, and beautifully built what we hope will last us 20 years and more.

Now, did they really spray your chassis in the UK before you drove it down the beach in Dargaville? Did the Italians really coat the bolt holes they just drilled into perfectly good galvanised steel from Germany? And did your electrician really put a gromit around the cable for the bike holder? Or did they not?

Only one way to find out. Secure your vehicle well!!! Pull your tummy in and crawl underneath. Take a good sense of humour, a strong torch or even better, a penetrating camera. You might not like what you see after only a few years on the (desert) road. But you just saved yourself a fortune if you found rust! Not sure? Call us at CorrosionX or at least spray the mobile house with the best there is to actively stop corrosion.

Right now, Right here! CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty. Also available at KEA-THL, AMH, Fridgetech, ADNZ, Selden and many A-Glaze outlets.

You wait, you pay! Easy as!

How would you like a product which crawls by itself to where you want it ?
CorrosionX does just that! Originally made and widely used by the US Navy. Full MIL specs.
CorrosionX penetrates, lubricates and protects against all further corrosion
CorrosionX will not dry and crawl to even the most inaccessible places within days
CorrosionX will not harm rubber or neoprene, no fear for seals, bearings and plastics
CorrosionX will drive out all moisture trapped and bond itself to the metal
CorrosionX is safe to 38.000 Volt and works wonders on all electrics and electronics
CorrosionX is non flammable (only aerosols are pressurized with LPG)
CorrosionX is non toxic and works for a long through polar bonding

Also available is the Heavy Duty version for leaf springs and exposed under chassis parts.
MaxWax is a semi hard drying substance to protect extremely exposed areas like wheel houses and gear boxes.

Happy to help you choose the right products. Please contact us for free advice and an obligation free quote. The guys you get on the phone are commercial sailors, coach builders, panel beaters and aircraft engineers closer to retirement than apprentice ship. They might not be handsome any longer, but they know their products.

Call +64 (0)9 438 8800 during office hours

Call Tom on +64 (0)21 469 972 outside office hours and for urgent jobs

Products for the Motorhomes and Caravans:

Typical areas of application:

Top protection for:

- Light sockets
- Valves
- Connectors
- Locking pins
- AC units
- Locks
- Electronics
- Awnings
- Steps
- Batteries


- Light sockets
- Valves
- Fuse Panels
- Hinges
- Outdoor switchboards
- Instruments
- Contacts
- Sensors
- Spray over engines and motors
- and many more...